How Long Do You Cook Roast Beef

Cooking roast beef depends on the size and whether you want to cook it to rare, which is pinkish red inside, medium rare which is pink from inside, medium or well done, which is brown inside. For more juicy and sumptuous flavoured roast beef, it is advisable to cook it to rare. Over cooking the beef makes it dry.

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The best cut of meat to make roast beef is tenderloin, though rump is also a good choice. Cook a five to eight pound roast takes approximately 17-19 minutes to cook rare, 20 to 23 minutes to medium rare, 23 to 26 minutes medium and 26 to 30 for well done. That being said, the time taken to roast beef also depends on how long it’s been aged, and the amount of fat in the meat.

Select a good cut to meat for your roast depending on your budget. Season it well with salt and pepper. Although light seasoning works well with roast beef, you can season it with a good rub of your choice. This includes onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, and any dry herbs of your choice.

If you want to flavour further, make small incisions on the meat and insert slivers of garlic. Also make sure the fat side of the meat faces up so that when fat melts it bastes the entire meat.

You can either roast beef at a constant temperature of 300-325°F till done, or cook at very high temperature of 500°F for fifteen minutes and then lower temperature to 375°F later. According to some cooks, the former method yields juicier meat.

Bake till done and measure the internal temperature with a meat thermometer to confirm. The meat thermometer reads 130-140°F for medium rare, a few degrees lower for rare and a few degrees higher for medium and well done. Roast according to your preference. Let meat rest after you take it out of the oven. This makes it easier to carve the meat and evenly distributes the juices. Slice and serve with steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes and gravy.

To make the gravy, use the drippings in the roasting pan, water, red wine, and corn starch. Add a little butter to make the sauce creamy. Add thyme sprigs for flavour. Heat the sauce to thicken. Season with salt and black pepper and stir continuously to avoid forming lumps. Serve on slices of meat and mashed potatoes.

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