How Long Do I Boil Chicken

How long to boil chicken depends on the type of meat and the amount of chicken boiled. Whole chicken takes the longest to cook and about 2-3 hours. Boneless chicken breast or thigh pieces takes less and about 45 minutes. Boiled chicken can be shredded and used. Overcooking the chicken makes it more chewy, and tough.

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To boil chicken, clean chicken first. Remove the skin, if you want to remove the fat. Wash thoroughly with cold water. Boil a big pot of water and add salt. Add the chicken in the boiling water. Makes sure, the water covers the chicken. If you intend to use the boiled chicken for other stir fried dishes, leave it a little underdone and complete the cooking later.

Be careful not to leave the chicken raw. It harbours harmful bacteria and can cause serious infections. Chicken is white when cooked and pink when raw. If unsure if the chicken is done, cut a piece from the middle and check the colour. After boiling, leave the chicken to rest for a few minutes.

Add a little lemon juice and crushed garlic and ginger to flavour the chicken while boiling. Chicken can be boiled to make chicken stock and soup. The shredded chicken can be used to make salads and sandwiches. To make chicken salad, add a little mayonnaise, mustard, chopped celery, carrots, spring onions, salt and freshly ground pepper to the chicken salad.

Boiled chicken can be used to make sandwiches also. Spread a little mayo and mustard on the bread. Then add chicken, sliced green peppers, tomatoes, and cheese slices on top. Grill the sandwich till the cheese melts. Serve with soup.

Chicken breast contains less fat than chicken thighs. To cook chicken you can boil grill or bake it. Various spices can be added to chicken to flavour it. It is a very versatile meat and eaten with grilled vegetables, pastas, rice dishes, can be stuffed with vegetables and cheese, and baked.

Recommended: Free Official Secret Restaurant Recipes

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