How Long Do Cats Live

A cat has nine lives they say as a proverb, but in reality, the cat too has a single life. The agility and speed with which the cat escapes various dangers has made it famous through the proverb, but they do not live for very long. So every owner of a cat would like to know how long do cats live so that they can make use of their time with their cat to be an enjoyable time.

The usual life span of a cat can be any where between the ages of 10 to 20 years. The upper end of the limit which is twenty is seldom achieved by cats. Only a few cats that are well fed and taken care of properly live to that age. The cat should have been healthy and also groomed well to live to that age.

The usual age of the cat though is anything around 10 years. This may mean that cats that are very sickly may die a few years before they attain ten years and good healthy normal cats can live for a few years over ten which could mean that they will live till they are about fifteen years.

The oldest known cat lived up to the age of twenty eight, but there are also cats that live up to the age of about twenty five to twenty six which is also normal depending on their health status. A cat should have adequate food and also adequate exercise to live to this age When a cat does not have enough exercise and is kept in the house lying down all the time, then the cat my not live for a long time.

Another important fact that should be noted is that the cat should also not be fed a lot. Some cats eat a lot and become over weight. This makes them very sick often. To avoid this, they should try to feed the cat just the correct amount so that the cat is active all the time.

The life of a cat or the age till which a cat lives also depends on the heredity of the cat. If the cat has been one of the offsprings of cats that have been known to live for a long time, then this cat will also have a life span that is nearly the same as that of the parents.

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