How Long Can You Live With Cirrhosis

As one of the most important organ in the human’s body, liver has two natural jobs. One, it is human’s natural control of infections as liver produce proteins that help with the blood clotting on a wound when we got injured. Two, it is the natural filter system in a body after the kidney. Any medical condition that affect the liver will cause it to malfunction and it does happen, the liver could not perform it natural job. The famous murderer that kills by impairing the liver is the Cirrhosis, which spoils the liver and making it unable to function. You maybe asking how long can you live with Cirrhosis, the answer is really depending on the chronic level of the Cirrhosis you are suffering from and the condition of your liver.

Cirrhosis is ranked as the twelfth most murderous medical condition in United States that inflict more men than the women. Although it is very murderous there are also a lot of survivor of the condition and they lead their life like normal, just like everybody else.

People with Cirrhosis will have the thoughts the world has ended for them and they are going to die, nothing much they can to about it. This is untrue because the life expectancy of people with Cirrhosis is depending on their diet and their lifestyle. People who lead healthy lifestyle as well as practicing their healthy diet will live their life normally.

The first thing to do if you are diagnosed with Cirrhosis is that you have to stop consuming alcohol. You need to stop immediately and start exercising if you have not been doing so. In order to improve your survival rate against Cirrhosis, you will need to get a treatment from the hospital, a constant check up will be necessary.

Do not easily trust any medications and vitamins offered to you, which is rumored to be the cure for Cirrhosis unless your doctor told you so. Remember to consult your doctor if you feel any changes in your body condition

A liver transplant will be necessary if a person is diagnosed with the highest level of Cirrhosis. Living with Cirrhosis is hard and tough but if you survive, you will be able to tell your grand children about your story and tell them a lesson about the harmful alcohol.

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