How Long Can I Stay In Canada

Canada is the country that occupies most of the North America and it is the world’s largest country by the amount of total area and the border with United States of America to the south and northwest is by far the world’s largest inter country border. You maybe going to Canada for holiday or visiting your family member and you are thinking, how long can I stay in Canada? The answer to this question varies on what kind of visa you are holding because the time of stay for working visa, student visa and visit visa are different from one another.

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) only issue a work permit for no more than eight months. They will approve the maximum time if the foreign worker meets all of the CIC criteria for work and they must resides in Canada in that given time. This employment authorization is only valid for one job and for the stated period of time, which in this is the total eight months. If the person who are holding work permit, decides to change their job they must first amend their first job authorization.

The holders of the work permit are not allowed to stay in Canada legally or apply for permanent resident status after their authorized period of stay has expired, which means if their work permit only last for eight months, they are not allowed to apply for permanent resident status. This means that you are not able to immigrate with a work permit. If you want to immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident based on you skills or experience, you will have to visit CIC’s website and see if you are qualified.

If you are not holding work permit, your stay in Canada is valid for 6 months as an ordinary tourist visa and it can be renewed under certain circumstances but you are restricted from working in Canada. Student visa will allow you stay in Canada until you finish your studies but you are restricted from working as well. If you are a student and currently doing post graduate research, you will qualify for students visa but you must write in your application to CIC.

Remember, that you can only work in Canada if you possess a work visa, if you don’t, do not risk it.

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