How Long Can A Person Live Without Food

Many people living around us fast all the time. People fast for various reasons. There are people who fast as part of their religious belief. There are many people who fast to reduce their weight. There are also people who fast when the government does not accept their requests as a political stunt. There are people who fast for years together, but these people may have something that is fed to them intravenously to live. So how long can a person live without food is a question that comes to our mind.

The answer depends on the fact if the person lives without food, but has the opportunity to have intravenous fluids sent into them or if the person has no food but can drink water. When a person does not have food, the individual can live for a longer time than a person who goes without water. A person without water dies very quickly because the urine that helps to eliminate the toxic waste from the body is not there and this causes the person to die easily.

When a person goes without food, the person has many fat deposits in the body. The person has these deposits get used up and the person lives for a longer time. If the person has intravenous fluids and has medical attention, then the person can live for many years and even up to 10 or 15 years. This is because the essential salts are available to the body and the necessary liquid is sent through Intravenous fluids.

If the person does not have water too and does not eat, then the person may live for maybe 3 days to one week. At the same time, if the person has water, but only has no food, then the person may survive for a longer period of time. The actual time of survival may vary from person to person, but the usual number of days can be anywhere between twenty days to even about two months. This is based on the survival of various people in the wild or in the sea.

In fact the length of time for which a person can live without food also depends on their initial strength, survival training and many other factors. A diseased person has a high chance of dying earlier than a person who is healthy. The age of the person also plays a major role in the number of days they can survive without food.

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