How Long Are Dogs Pregnant Before Giving Birth

Dogs are like humans, they are categorized in the mammals family. However, the female dog reproductive life cycle differs from human. So how long are dogs pregnant before giving birth? The female dog experience the heat cycle which is the time where they are ready to breed. The smaller breed dog like shih Tzu or the Chihuahua will have their heat cycles earlier than the large breed. They will have their heat cycles at 4-6 months of age where as the large breeds are much later. The large breed will have their heat cycle to start when they are at 12 to 24 months of age.

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The heat cycles vary between each dog. Which means not all the dogs have the same heat cycles. Some will have an average of 6 to 12 days. Some dogs will only have their heat cycles to last only for 2 days and some dogs can even have a heat cycle for as long as 21 days.

However, there are stages in the heat. The first stage is the preparation stage where your dog will seems to be attracting male dogs and the enlargement of her vulva is obvious to human eyes and she will be bleeding occasionally. Do not be tricked, when the bleeding stops, it doesn’t mean that it is the end of her fertile cycle.

Then come the second stage, the bleeding subsides and the dog will release light brown mucus. That is the sign that your dog is now ready conceive and she will get pregnant if there is a conception.

Then it comes to the pregnancy part. There is no straight exact answer of how long will your dog be pregnant, as it vary on each dog. Some dog will be pregnant longer than other dog and some dog took a shorter time to deliveries. In general, a dog is pregnant approximately for 62 days. Remember, it can be more or it can be less. For people who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy with their dog will not be aware that the dog is pregnant until she is actually showing the signs of pregnancy. Therefore it is difficult to determine and track the 62 days and expect the deliveries of the puppies.

For the dog breeders, they will know the exact date when the pregnancy began and will be more likely than not to have the deliveries date scheduled on their calendar.

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