How Is Diabetes Caused

Diabetes is a chronic condition that can cause a lot of problems for the patient. It usually occurs when the person attains middle age and in rare cases even in younger people. How is diabetes caused is a question that is uppermost in the minds of people who are at a high risk of getting this disease. This is because they want to avoid getting this disease as it can cause various complications, some of which are even fatal.

The first cause of diabetes is the genetic susceptibility of the person. A person may have the parents affected by diabetes and this person will be at a very high risk than other people in the society to get the disease. This is because the genes present in the person makes the person high risk. So heredity is one of the common causes of diabetes.
Pregnancy is another common cause of diabetes in women. This type of diabetes is called as gestational diabetes as the person gets the disease during the course of the pregnancy. The diabetes usually disappears after the term of pregnancy. This can be due to the stress associated with pregnancy.

Stress is another important cause of diabetes. When a person is stressed beyond a limit, the person can be prone to have diabetes. This is commonly seen in people who have had extreme stress when they have been involved in an accident and other trauma. This kind of diabetes usually decreases after the stress is decreased. So removing the causative factor can usually easily control this kind of diabetes.
Diabetes can also occur if the individual is sedentary. The lifestyle of the person matters a lot because diabetes can occur in those who do not have an active lifestyle. To avoid getting diabetes, adequate exercise is very important. Regular physical exercise for at least half an hour a day will help to decrease the risk of this king of diabetes.

Diabetes is also linked with the cholesterol and also the blood pressure levels of a person. When a person is obese, then the person is at a very high risk of getting diabetes. This is because diabetes is a metabolic disease.

There is decreased insulin production in all the people who have a risk because of the factors mentioned above. The decreased insulin leads to decreased absorption of the glucose from the blood which can lead to increased glucose levels in the blood and urine which is diabetes.

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