How Is Chemical Energy Used

Chemical energy is the form of energy created from a chemical reaction, which produces electric charges. In physics, The Law of Conservation of Energy explains that energy can never be destroyed but can be transformed or converted. When a chemical reaction causes a system to a loss in energy, it is usually lost to the environment, more often than not as heat or light. Now that you know what is chemical energy, you must be wondering how is chemical energy used.

The usage of chemical energy is seen in everyday life. When you drive to work in your car that is running on gas or even walking to work. If you are driving to work, combustion in your car engines is simply biological chemical reaction.

When the oxygen in the air has a chemical reaction with the fuel, it creates a combustion, which power a crankshaft that gives your car engines the energy. Gasoline is a fossil-fuel derived from the organic compounds. It comes the decaying process of the death dinosaurs which have been pressured by the fissure of the grounds for million of years.

However, not all the chemical energy is biological. Some of them are man made, of course. The matchstick is one of the great example of man made chemical energy. The head of the matchstick contains phosphorus that are highly combustible. With a combination of a little bit of heat and oxygen reaction, the matchstick will be easily burst into a flame.

The matchstick is a good example that shows you how a chemical energy is used. Human turn the chemical energy into an energy that can help them in their daily life, they manipulate the form of the energy. Not all chemical reaction will result in the combination of heat and lights. A glow stick is a man made item that produces mostly lights and very little heat after a chemical reaction occurs.

The chemical energy is mostly used in our daily life. Even by consuming food that gives you energy to walk and do your daily chores such as, cleaning the house, walking to work, cooking and so much more. The food we ate goes into our digestive system and with the enzyme and chemicals that are naturally produced in our body will turn those food we eat into energy that we use to stay alive.

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