How Fast Do Segways Go

Segway is born in Bedford, New Hampshire as a brainchild from the famous American inventor entrepreneur, Dean Kamen. The Segway Personal Transporter (PT) is a breakthrough and innovative creation from DEKA, Dean Kamen’s company. It is an electrical two-wheeled vehicle that uses a patented gyroscopic mechanism that allows the user to use their body drive the vehicle. Dean Kamen was motivated by his desire of a futuristic way mode of traveling in the urban areas, the 21st century method of traveling.

The Segway comes in two versions, the I model and the X model. The I model is designed in such away that it is at it best in an urbanized areas as it is highly capable of handling smooth terrains such as concrete and asphalt. While the X model on the other hand is designed for rough terrains like grass, dirt trails and rocky roads. The Segway is powered by battery, a Saphion Lithium package which is developed by Valance Technology. It is built for industrial purposes. The battery requires very little maintenance and it is much safer than a typical battery systems.

The Segway is a vehicle that is driven by human’s balancing act. In order for you to move the vehicle, you will need to lean forward and if you are trying to pull a brake, all you need to is to lean backwards. Alternatively, of course when you need to turn, you just need to lean your body to the right or to the left.

For each model of the Segway, The I and the X, it is differentiated on how the unit will be used and on what surfaces. For the I models there are 3 types of unit, which is the I2 (baseline unit), the I2 Commuter (integrated gear bag, comfort mats for longer treks, high reflectivity), the I2 Cargo (molded cargo cases on either side of the unit) and the I2 Golf (low-pressure tires and brackets for carrying a user’s golf bags). While for the X models, the model that is made for the tough terrain also have 3 types, which is the X2 (baseline unit with wider track), the X2 Adventure (beefed-up frame) and the X2 Turf (wider track, beefed-up frame and low-pressure tires).

The Segway however, is a pretty powerful vehicle, with 2 horsepower amounting to roughly 1500 watts per servo and it have two servos. The system is managed by software which when the vehicle is about to exceed the maximum speed of 12.5 mph will automatically tilt backwards and slow down to avoid accident.

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