How Do You Take Care Of A Money Tree Plant

A money tree plant is a very small plat that can be grown inside the house. This is the reason for it being considered as a house plant. It can grow with minimal sunlight and also minimal water. It does not have big roots. All these together make it a very great indoor plant. The plant has leaves and also flowers that are small. This makes the plant very sought after in indoor growth. It is usually grown as a Bonsai plant because it can be very stunted in growth. A person who has just started an indoor garden may wonder how do you take care of a money tree plant. The actual care of the plant can be very simple if one just reads this article.

The soil in which the money tree plant is grown should have a type of soil where the water does not stagnate too much. The best type of soil would be gravelly soil where the water can drain down and will not be clogging the root of the plant. While watering the plant, it should be ensured that the amount of water used is just enough for the plant and is not too much. This is because too much water can make the plant die. While watering, the roots should also not be exposed. Watering can be done once in three days or on alternate days.

The sunlight to which the plant is exposed should also be moderate. To ensure that the plant does not dry or die, the plant is kept indoors. It is kept in a place where there is a little bit of sunlight once a day for a few hours. This will ensure better survival of the plant and it will also grow into a beautiful plant. The plant should also be pruned at regular intervals. This means that the plant should have the excess leaves cut off once a year. The branches that are present should also be cut so that they allow the main branch or stem to be good in growth.

The plant need not have any pesticides because it is rarely attacked by these pests. At the same time a person should remember that to propagate the plant, it is enough if you get a leaf or stem cutting to be planted and it will grow into a new plant. This is the method of taking care of a money tree plant.

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