How Do You Sell Stuff On ebay

You need to do a few basic things before you start selling stuff on ebay. If this is your first time, you need to start by opening an account on ebay. Learn about the payment options, and initiate a PayPal account, if necessary. ebay is a great place to sell your used and new item but there are a few steps and other useful tips that make selling on ebay easier, more profitable and efficient.

The steps involved in selling your stuff on ebay include filling the form, and adding the item name, photos, category and description for the item; adding minimum price, and shipping details; selecting payment options and bidding details. Review and check all the details, and spelling before posting it.

There are some items that sell easier on ebay. Try and choose stuff that is unique or has brand value. Items in good condition attract buys and sell easier. Also label your product with a descriptive name, and not a generic name like “bags” or sandals”. That way it is easier to show up in searches and with less competition.

Try and post pictures of your items, preferably with 2-3 views. Buyers like to see what they are buying. Go through the instructions posted on ebay to get an idea. Also being descriptive in your entry helps clarify queries early on. If you have multiple items (in case you are clearing out your home), try listing them together. Add as much detail as possible in your description, including brand name, color of item, size, weight, model number, material, washing instructions etc.

It is important to decide a minimum price for your item. You can include the shipping costs in the asking price, or add it separately. Keep in mind that most buyers like to see one price listed for the product and do not like to pay additional price for shipping. If the item is fragile, make sure you consider the proper packaging costs before listing it on ebay.

Make sure you answer of the buyer’s queries promptly. Go through the shipping options available and keep the buyer informed. Keep in mind that international shipping costs much more than posting stuff locally. Be honest with your buyer. Building your credibility with good feedback will ensure success in your next transaction.

Read the terms conditions before beginning any transaction. Selling illegal items could have dire consequences. Set your price keeping into account the fees, and shipping costs. Once you decide to sell an item on auction, you have to abide by it regardless of the final price in the auction. Start with inexpensive items and get some experience and credibility before you start selling the expensive stuff.

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