How Do You Read Guitar Tabs

You always want to take the guitar and play music with it. Maybe you will be able to charm the person you love with the music that you bring or you may even be a youtube super star if you are able to charm people with your music. You have never learn music before but you want to play the guitar and impress people with your music. How do you read guitar tabs? You will need to be able to read the guitar tabs before you can play the guitar and share your music with people.

Before anything, you will need to know the guitar. There are six lines in a tab of a guitar, each corresponding with a string on the guitar and they will produce different tune from each other. By combining this tune, it will turn into music and eventually a song.

E———————————-||(Thinnest string)
E———————————-||(Thickest string)

This is how the guitar string looks like. If the number is written 0 on the tab it means that you will have to pluck the open string. If the number is greater that 0 such as 1,2,3,4 then you will need to move your finger to the “tab” or fret and pressed on it when you play. With the number 1 is the fret that is nearest to your body.

When you are reading the tab, you will come across a vertically stacked numbers, which are aligned vertically. These are the chords that you should play at the same time.

You may come across several symbols when you are reading the guitar tabs. When you see “h” inserted between the original fret and the hammered on fret, example 5h6 or sometimes the ^ symbol is used instead like, 5^6. You will have to tab and slur the guitar string to create a new tune of music. Hammering is usually used on guitar solo.

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