How Do You Put Songs On Your MP3 player?

People who just purchased their first mp3 players may be anxious to fill them with their favorite music. After connecting the mp3 player to the computer with the USB cable, the user should know their options for adding music to the mp3 player. How do you put songs on your mp3 player?

A person with a new mp3 player has a few options for adding music. If the mp3 player is an iPod, the person has the option of adding music automatically to the iPod. If the mp3 player is not an iPod or if the person does not want to add all the music from the computer’s music library to the iPod, the user can add files manually to the mp3 player.

Adding songs to a mp3 player can be done from the Start menu. After the person has connected the mp3 player to the computer, the person should be able to see the device listed after clicking Computer on the Start menu. With this window open, the person can select Music from the Start menu. With both windows open, the user can select files from the Music folder and drag and drop them onto the device. A processing bar may show to indicate the progress of adding the file to the mp3 player.

The problem that many people have when adding songs to an mp3 player is not being able to find the songs that they want to add. If a song is saved on the computer and the person can’t find it, it may be in a location other than the music folder or the person may not recognize the song by the file name. People who save music on their computer often have a system for saving music files to make the files easy to find such as naming the files with the artist’s name and song name.

For someone who has not organized their files, the person may want to use a music management program such as iTunes or Windows Media Player to organize the songs and add them to the mp3 player. Windows Media Player allows the user to create a sync list to be added to the mp3 player. A user may also want to purchase songs from iTunes, eMusic, or other music vendor on the Internet to add songs to a mp3 player. A person can also save music from CD’s to their music management program and add them to the mp3 player.

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