How Do You Put Songs On A iPod?

Apple, the maker of the iPod, has made the iPod very user-friendly. The iPod will add music automatically when connected to the computer. When the iPod is connected to the computer with the Firewire USB cable or placed on the iPod dock, the iPod will sync itself by downloading the music from the computer. Users who want to add music that is not on their computers or don’t want to add all their music to the iPod may want to know how do you put songs on a iPod manually.

When the iPod is connected to the computer for the first time, the user will be directed by a pop up screen to name the iPod. Apple suggests organizing the music that you want to download on the iPod in iTunes. If a person want to use iTunes to manage their iPod music but does not have iTunes, the current version of iTunes can be downloaded from the Internet for free.

A person can store music from the computer’s music folder or add music from CD’s to iTunes. The user can purchase songs from iTunes for the iPod. When someone purchases a song in the iTunes store, the song is added automatically to their iTunes music library. People who do not want to use iTunes can do the add songs to an iPod with the music management program of their choice by creating a playlist to sync to the device.

When using iTunes, the person can select playlists to add to the iPod as well. When the iPod is connected to the computer, select the iPod under “Devices” in iTunes. Then, select the “Music” tab. This gives the choices for putting songs on an iPod. The person can select to add playlists and choose the playlists to be added on this screen. The person can also choose to add all music on this screen.

The bar at the bottom of the summary screen shows how much of the iPod’s memory is available. The person may want to think about the available memory on the iPod when choosing which files to add.

By navigating the tabs across the top of the iPod syncing screen, the person can add TV shows, podcasts, photos, audio books, and movies to the iPod. There may come a time when a person wants to delete a song from the iPod. With the iPod selected in iTunes, the person needs to select the song then click delete.

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