How Do You Plant Flowers

In order to plant flowers, you need a few basic things initially for setting it up. These are basic gardening tools that you must have – gloves, pot or area where you want to plan it, soil, shovel, seeds or flower in a pot, fertilizer, water. You can plant flowers starting from seeds too. You might find it convenient to start with planting them in a germinating tray first, and then transplanting them in your garden, once it starts growing.

Buy a flowering plant in a pot and transfer into your garden is an easier but expensive way to plant flowers. In any case, you have to get the soil ready for the plant. First get the soil ready by shoveling or aerating it. It should not be too dry or too wet. Add fertilizer if you want the plant to grow faster and the bigger.
Some suggest cutting off the existing flowers to let the roots grow first.

Take the potted plant and remove it from the existing pot with the soil still attached to the roots. Separate out the roots so that it can plant firmly in the new soil. Make a hole in the new flower bed, and place the flowering plant in it, making sure that all the roots are below the soil level. Tap the soil and close it around the plant so that it stays firm and upright. Finally water the plant, and keep checking after a few days.

It is important to read the instructions on the packet of seeds first. Different plants require different conditions to grow. Most plants grow well in warm weather so prepare your soil after spring so that the flowers are ready to bloom in the summer.

Moisten and read the soil as before, or use a Pro-Mix, readily available in the market. Lightly embed the seeds (make sue they are evenly distributed) in the soil, and water the soil lightly. If the seeds require light, then place them appropriately. Covering seeds during germination (in a tray) makes the air moist and helps them to grow.

Some additional tips regarding planting flowers are as follows.

Annuals and perennials are easy to plant, prefer these plants if trying for the first time.
Choose a milder day to plant flowers. Avoid extremely hot sunny days. The best time to plant is generally in the spring.
Grow your seeds indoor in a more controlled environment and then transplant them outside. For this you need a germinating tray or use plastic cups with a small hole at the bottom to drain out water.
Avoid overcrowding seeds.
Use peat moss pellets mixed with compost for the initial germination.
Do not hesitate to ask an expert at a nursery or store where you buy the seeds for advice.

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