How Do You Make Real Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are an old traditional decoration that is used to decorate the front door of the house, to give your Christmas visitors a festive greeting. You can go to the store and buy the ready made Christmas wreaths but they are all made from plastic and it is not like the old days where the Christmas wreaths are made from the “real” things such as leaves, grass and flowers. You may have been buying Christmas wreaths from the store all this while and now you wanted to make your own Christmas wreaths but how do you make real Christmas wreaths?

It is very easy make your own real Christmas wreaths, you will need wreath ring or florist wire, this is to replace tree branches which is use in the olden days and depending on your creativity, you can have some flowers and leaves. You can find these vegetations from your local park or the countryside or even your own garden. You don’t even need to pay for these things. Take a bag while you are making your walk and some scissors with you. Depending on your creativity, whichever vegetation that catches your eyes, you can pluck them. Do no pluck plants from other people’s gardens unless you have asked for their permissions to do so.

It is advisable that you collect greens, ivy and loral leave. Some leaves would be silvery grey in color and this color could add the frosty feeling to the wreath giving the feeling of white Christmas. Conifers are popular plant in the gardens, if you have conifers in your garden it will be better. If you don’t have, ask for permission from owner to pluck the conifers. Although they don’t look very interesting, they would make a great base to the wreath. It is advisable that you add color to the wreath by adding berries.

Once you have all the required vegetation, it is time for you to start making the Christmas wreath. Twist the foliage around the wreath ring until the wreath ring is fully covered. Repeat this procedure until there are 3 to 4 layers covering the wreath ring. It is advisable that you keep your work flat on tabletop to prevent movement.

Twist the conifers around the wreath ring and it is best if the amount of your conifers is thick enough so that you can slit in the pines cone, flowers and leaves to make it look good.

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