How Do You Make Hot Water Cornbread

Hot water cornbread is an excellent way to make cornbread without using the oven, and is usually made on a skillet. It is a popular southern recipe and requires a few basic ingredients like self-rising cornmeal (two cups), egg (one), sugar (one tablespoon), all purpose flour (two tablespoons) and hot water (one and a half cups). This recipe is enough to make 10-20 cakes and serves around 8-10 people.

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It is important to use hot water to start the cooking process of the cornmeal. This batter is thicker than pancakes so adjust the amount of hot water to ensure the right consistency of the batter. The amount of sugar in the cornbread can also be adjusted or completely avoided to suit one’s taste. Egg may not be used in some recipes. Variations in this recipe also include the addition of minced onion and garlic.

To prepare cornbread, mix all the ingredients well in a large mixing bowl. Make sure there are no lumps in the mixture and the batter is smooth. Heat a skillet and add some vegetable oil on it. The oil should be heated before adding the batter to it. This prevents the cornbread from sticking to the pan.

Add one tablespoon of the batter on the skillet and smooth it out with the spoon so that it forms a flat circle. Flip it when it is light brown to the other side and cook it through. It generally takes a piece three to five minutes to cook.

Place the cooked bread on paper towels to absorb the excess oil. Serve when cooled. It is important to cook the cakes on medium to high heat to ensure that the cornbread cooks right through. Cook the cakes till the desired crispiness is reached.

Keep the skillet hot and oiled, to prevent the pan from burning. Make sure that the consistency of the left over batter is adjusted with hot water before frying the cornbreads. Olive oil can be used instead of butter for frying the cornbread.
Cornbread can be eaten for breakfast with syrup or honey or as a snack in the afternoon. It can be eaten with jam or with fresh fruit, or with Southern dishes like catfish, chicken, and green vegetables. Hot water cornbread is also popularly eaten with soups, chillies and stews and is an important component of Southern cuisine.

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