How Do You Make Fondant

Fondant is a sugary mixture that is used either as a filling for cakes and pastries (poured fondant), or as an icing for decoration of the same (rolled fondant). Making fondant can be tricky at first, so make sure you follow the recipe to a tee and that you have a clean working surface before starting. If the ingredients are at room temperature it is easier to work with the icing.

The main ingredients for making poured fondant are sugar (2.5 cups), water (1/2 cup) and glucose or corn syrup (1/4 cup). This mixture then needs to be heat and thickened till all the sugar dissolves, and solution is syrupy. Cool the mixture a little and then stir it till it become yellowish in color and gradually starts turning white. This can be stored in a sealed plastic bag, (with air squeezed out) for days.

There are many different recipes for fondants; try the one that suits you and remember practice makes one perfect. When required, mix this fondant with sugar syrup and slightly heat it to get a flowing consistency. At this stage, feel free to add any flavor of you choice to the fondant. This can then be used on pastries, cookies and cakes. This can also be used as a filling. When cooled, this mixture hardens and easy to cut into.

Rolled fondant is made of the following ingredients: gelatin (1 tablespoon), cold water (1/4 cup), almond extract (1 teaspoon), corn syrup or sugar syrup (1/2 cup), glycerin (1 tablespoon), confectioner’s sugar (8 cups), vegetable shortening (1/2 teaspoon).

Start with mixing the gelatin with cold water to soften it, and then heat a little to dissolve the gelatin. Add the almond extract, corn syrup and glycerin. Mix till it is smooth and clear. Now add this liquid into ¾ of sifted confectioners sugar and mix properly with wooden spoon. Add the rest of the sugar, and knead the mixture to get smooth dough. Now knead the vegetable shortening into it, and cover with saran wrap to prevent it from drying out.

Fondant mixtures can last in the refrigerator for weeks. When needed, it can be heated (only a little), and rolled out to cover and decorate cakes and pastries. At this stage, additional flavor (extract) or food coloring can be added to it. To prevent the fondant from sticking, sprinkle a little icing sugar on the dough. If the fondant cracks while rolling, add a little water and knead it again to get a smooth uniform texture.

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