How Do You Make Au Jus

Au jus is a French word for “with juice” ; where jus means the juice itself. However, in America the term “au just” is widely known as a light sauce for beef recipes, which are served along with the roasted beef or any other beef recipes. It is served with the beef or it will be place on the side for dipping purposes. In French cuisine, it is totally different use of the jus. It is used as a part of the recipe because in French cuisine way, the juice is a natural way for them to enhance the taste of the dishes. The French don’t limit the use of the jus only on one type of meat, beef. They also use it for chicken, veal and also lamb. So how do you make au jus?

In order to make an au just, you will need all this ingredients: beef drippings, beef broth, water, cornstarch, kitchen bouquet, herb seasoning and seasoning salt. The word jus means that it comes from the natural juice from the food. In this case, we are using beef drippings. Which we got it form cooking the beef for sometime, to he healthy it is advised for you to skim off the fat from the juice.

Then you would want to take a small bowl and combine the water with cornstarch, whisk them with a fork until the cornstarch is completely dissolved then set the bowl aside. Then put a skillet over medium heat and slowly pour in the drippings, broth, kitchen bouquet, and herb seasoning. Pour them in one by one and stir it to mix the solution, the jus and bring it to boil.

When it finally boils, slowly pour in the cornstarch and water mix. Then continue stirring the solution slowly until it is all mixed up. To make sure that the solution mixed up well, it is best for you to check it’s thickness, if it still watery then it is not mixed up yet but when it is thickens then you are done. Remember to mix the solution under the heat. Once the solution is mixed up, remove it from the heat. There you go, your own au jus.

Sometimes the au jus will be really salty depending on the beef drippings. You should taste the sauce after it is all done before adding the season salt into it.

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