How Do You Make A Strawberry Daiquiri In A Blender

You always go to the bar and ordered a “Daiquiri” which comes in a sexy bright red, sweet, great tingling sensation in your mouth that comes with a taste of a strawberry. You love the drink and you want to make it by yourself in the comfort of your own home but how do you make a strawberry daiquiri in a blender? It is pretty easy actually if you know how and once you got right, you will be able to invite your friend to your house and proudly make them strawberry daiquiri, which you made it from your own blender in your own house. Amazing isn’t it?

The drink Daiquiri comes from a tropical country in Cuba, where the Cuban bartenders are amazing in creating one of the most awesome cocktail ever. These rum based drinks that are lightly sweetened are first mixed with the lime and when it comes to America and the innovative minds of the American bartenders, the best drink just got better and it comes in a form of Strawberry Daiquiri.

To make a strawberry daiquiri in a blender, you will need a blender and a few ingredients. Such as, 2 oz of White Rum for the little alcohol taste, 0.5 oz of Fresh Lime Juice to add some tingling taste to your tongue, 0.5 table spoon of sugar that you can alter it if you want it to be sweeter and of course, 6 fresh strawberries.

Firstly, you will need to wash the strawberries and then put them into the blender, blend it until it become juice like solution. Put in rum and blend it again for a minute or two. Add in the lime and the sugar and blend it for around 2 minutes. Take it out and there you go, your own strawberry daiquiri.

Pour it into a martini glass and add in a little bit of ice as for your liking and you will have the drink that you made from your own home with your own blender, which now allows you to invite your friends to come over to your house to enjoy your strawberry daiquiri and it will definitely got them asking, how do you make a strawberry daiquiri in a blender?

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