How Do You Know You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy is a phase of a woman’s life that is usually enjoyed by the would be mother. This is the phase where the woman is able to care for herself more than in any other period of her life. She not only cares for herself, but also for the fetus that is slowly growing each day to be born as a live child that would in turn take up more than half of the woman’s life time as she will be caring for the child. Many women are very eager to get pregnant, but once they have planned to start a family, they sometimes do not know if they are pregnant. So, as a woman, how do you know your pregnant?

There are many simple methods of fine\ding out if a woman is pregnant. The first and most trusted as well as the best method of identifying pregnancy is to have a blood test done or a urine test done in a well established laboratory or a hospital. This will enable you to know if you are pregnant. The tests done are actually based on the hormones that are released in the blood and also urine when a woman is pregnant and this helps to identify the pregnancy.

The next most important method of identifying pregnancy in the early stages includes the missing of periods. A person who regularly has periods can make out that she is pregnant if there is a delay in the periods. In women who regularly have delayed periods, this may not really help in identifying pregnancy. Even in women with regular periods, this cannot be a confirmatory sign of pregnancy.

The other signs that can help you to know if your pregnant are a sudden increase in weight. The weight of the fetus will increase many times in the first few weeks. This can mean that the woman is pregnant. Another sign of pregnancy can be an increase in the mood changes. This can be easily identified by the people around the woman. Mood changes can occur in many women who are pregnant.

A change in eating habits can also be a sign of pregnancy. There can be a sudden increase in liking for a particular taste or a particular type of food. The eating habit change is very common in women who are pregnant. Nausea and morning sickness are also considered to be very important signs of pregnancy. This may not be present in all women who are pregnant, but is an important and common indicator of pregnancy.

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