How Do You Know If A Guy Likes You

Men are not as emotional as women and it is difficult to know what they think, unless the guy opens up and tells the facts. Each and every girl who is in love with a guy but wants to know if the guy likes her has a difficult time because the person may not be easily able to decipher the ideas and thoughts of the guy. So how do you know if a guy likes you is a discussion many girls have often with their friends.

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There are actually a few simple methods in which you can make sure if the guy likes you. The first thing that you can try is to ask the friends of the guy what he talks about. A guy who likes a girl may not tell her directly, but he cannot stop talking to the others around him about the girl. This is one of the methods of finding if the guy likes you.

The next method of finding if the guy likes you is to talk to him about various things. A guy who likes you will talk well to you even if he gets bored. In fact, many guys never get bored even if they have nothing to talk. This is one sign that the guy likes you. If the guy gets bored when he talks to you or if the guy tries to avoid you again and again, then in all probability, the guy may not like you and there is no point trying to force him to like you.

The last thing that you can do, especially if you are desperate to find out if the guy like you is to directly ask the guy if the likes you. He cannot escape telling the truth and you will not go back without an answer. This is the final method that can be used to know of the liking of the guy.

Each girl employs a different technique to learn if the guy likes her or not. Some of these things can work and others may fail. One has to be very sure of the guys liking because sometimes the guy may snub the girl, especially if he does not like her. Usually the guy gives out signs like looking or staring at the girl often, trying to stand or walk close to the girl and many other signs if he likes the girl. The one thing that should be remembered is that the person should also make sure it is not a false positive sign of the guy liking you.

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