How Do You Know Fake Or Real Diamond

Diamond is the world hardest material and one of the most expensive jewelry in the world. Other than being expensive, diamond is one of the most beautiful jewelry in the world and it is also a sign of love. If a man where to propose to a woman he love to marry him, the proposal would not be complete if he does not have a diamond ring with him to complete the proposal. However, there are fake diamonds in the market and these fake diamonds are in great demand. Dishonest jewelry will use fake diamond rings to con people’s money by telling people it is a real diamond. You will need to differentiate the diamond but how do you know fake or real diamond?

The best fake diamonds can look exactly the same as the real diamond and it is very hard to find out that it is a fake diamond. You should get yourself a diamond tester, an electronic tester that are able to check all the diamonds except for moissanite. Real diamonds are usually lighter than the fake diamonds of the same size and shape. Weighing test can also be done to find out the difference between the fake and the real diamond.

Other than using electronic tester, you can use transparency test. This test require you to put the diamond upside down on a paper with writings on it and if you are able to read the writing on the paper, the diamond is fake. However, the disadvantages of this method is that some diamonds are real but due to its fine cutting, you are able to read the letters on the paper. This is the most common method use to differentiate between fake diamonds and real diamonds.

Another common test to differentiate between the real and fake diamond is what people call the fog test. What you do in this test is, hold the diamond and blow some warm air from your mouth to the stone, if the fog appears on the diamond and stay there for the next few seconds, the diamond is fake but if disappears instantly then the diamond is real. This is because diamond disposes heat faster than any normal material in this world.

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