How Do You Get Rid Of Alcohol On Your Breath

There is no tested method that gets rid of alcohol on your breath completely as alcohol has a distinct smell but here are some tips suggested here might work better than others. The intensity of alcohol on your breath depends on your intake, drinking one to many glasses means the longer your mouth will reek of alcohol. In fact, if you are up drinking all night, then your whole body is likely to smell of alcohol. Your choice of alcohol also makes a difference as some types of liquor have a stronger smell than others.

Mint-flavored Products: Chewing gum is one of the most popular choices, but depends on how strong the alcohol-breath is. A mint-flavored gum works well for most people. Other flavored products like cough drops work well too. Beware that people might suspect that you have been drinking because this is a popular choice use by people getting rid of alcohol on their breath.

Aromatic compounds: Some people suggest eating aromatic compounds like onions and garlic and spicy food to rid your breath of alcohol. Follow it up with a more pleasing smell like mint to prevent your breath from smelling of onion of garlic, instead.

Espresso Coffee:Since coffee has a strong smell too, it helps to override the smell of alcohol, try having strong black coffee or espresso.

Peanut Butter: Alcohol stays in your body for long, and being volatile, it can be detected as long as its in your system, a strong sticky flavor like peanut butter helps to counter it as it also sticks to your tongue and gut, and counters the smell of alcohol.

Herbs and spices: Parsley works for some people too since it has strong refreshing smell. Spices such as cardamom and fennel seeds have a very distinct, long lasting aroma, which can offset the odor of alcohol. Not everyone likes the taste of these spices, so try before you decide to use it to get rid of alcohol-breath.

Brushing your teeth and use mouthwash: Though simply brushing your teeth and tongue might not get rid of the smell of alcohol completely, try it with a combination of products mentioned above.

Too much drinking is bad for health and has risks associated with it. Drinking and driving is a cause for many accidents. Instead of trying to get rid of alcohol on tour breath try drinking within a limit and assign a designated driver so that you don not pose other people’s lives in danger while having fun.

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