How Do You Cook Hamburger Steak

Hamburger steak, also known as Salisbury steak is made with ground beef made in the oval shape of a steak and served in gravy with noodles or mashed potatoes. You can use lean meat or a mixture of lean and meat with a little fat to make juicy steaks. To cook a hamburger steak add chopped onions, dry parsley, crushed garlic, onion powder, salt and pepper along with a little flour or bread crumbs to the ground meat. Egg can also be added which acts as a binding agent. Mix it well, and make round thick patties.

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It is best to cook steaks on a hot well-oiled grill. Alternatively, these steaks can also be cooked on a hot skillet. Brown the patties on both sides for about two or three minutes till the steak browns and reaches a temperature of 140-160°F. Make sure the patties are cooked through and not pink from inside. Patties that are three fourth of an inch to one inch thick cook well inside without burning on the outside. Make sure you don’t pat the burger too much to prevent the juices from coming out.

Extra flavour can be added to the hamburger steak by marinating it with a little Soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and beef stock for a few hours before cooking. Other spices that can be added include chilli powder, garlic or onion powder, fresh herbs like parsley or thyme, green chillies and other Asian spices.

Gravy served with hamburger steaks is made from butter, mushrooms, flour, and water or beef stock for added flavour. Fry the mushrooms in a pan till soft or browned, then add flour and cook it a little before adding some water and beef stock. Stir while cooking till the gravy is smooth. A little cream can also be added to make the gravy rich. The juices from the steak can also be used to flavour the gravy.

Pour the gravy on top of the steaks, and simmer for a while to make the burgers moist. Serve along with fries, mashed potatoes rice and veggies of your own choice.

Though the hamburger steak originated in North America, it is a popular meal all over the world. In Japan, these are made with various spices and also vacuum packed for lunch along with sauce. Similarly, in Hawaii, hamburger steaks are served with macaroni salad and rice.

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