How Do You Cook A Hamburger On The Stove

To cook hamburgers on the stove you will need the following ingredients:

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Minced beef/or chicken, pork or turkey
Chopped scallions
Chopped mushrooms
Garlic, minced
Herbs – parsley or cilantro, chopped finely
Black pepper
Red wine vinegar (optional)
Cheddar or Goat Cheese (optional)

Mix everything in a bowl well with your hands. Make round patties, about a half inch thick. Don’t make the patties too thick, as the meat takes longer to cook. Very thin patties dry out faster. Select meat with a little fat if you want moist burgers. Three pounds of minced beef yields about six burgers. Heat a heavy skillet on the stove to medium high.

Place the burgers in the heated pan and cook for four to five minutes on each side. Add slice of cheddar cheese on top if desired and cover the pan for the final few minutes till the cheese melts. Alternately, when making the patties, a little goat cheese can also be folded inside the burger. The cheese will melt while cooking the burger, and ooze out while eating.

Avoid the temptation to flip the burgers more than once. Also make sure that you cover the burgers in the final few minutes of cooking, and also after you take it off the heat. This keeps the moisture inside the meat and results in a juicy burger.

Serve the hamburger on buns, and garnish with condiments and toppings. Favourite toppings include sliced tomatoes, onions, pickles, bacon, avocado and lettuce leaves. Condiments like cheese, mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard work well with hamburgers. Some also prefer toppings like fried egg, blue cheese, feta cheese, salsa, jalapeno, slices of ham or bologna, cole slaw, onion rings or potato chips.

Hamburgers are usually made of beef but other meats like pork, chicken and turkey or a combination of meats can also be used to make burgers. When cooking burgers, be careful not to leave it raw. Raw meat may contain harmful bacteria like that can cause serious illnesses. This is the reason why hamburgers are served well done at fast food restaurants. The most popular restaurants that serve burgers include McDonald’s, Burger King, A&E, Wendy’s Harveys and more.

Recommended: Official Secret Restaurant Recipes Yummy! Delicious!

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