How Do You Charge An Ipod Shuffle

First announced at the Macworld Conference & Expo on January 11, 2005. iPod Shuffle is Apple Inc budget iPod model. It is also the smallest iPod among other models of iPod that Apple Inc releases. The first ever iPod that use flash memory instead of storing the data on a hard disk like every other iPod. If you happen to have an iPod Shuffle and you are wondering how do you charge an iPod Shuffle, this article will teach you how to do so.

The latest generation of iPod Shuffle that is looking sleeker than ever was announced on March 11, 2009 with the light weight of 10.7 grams and 0.38 ounces it is the smallest and lightest iPod compare to its brothers and sisters.

There are a few methods to charge an iPod Shuffle. The most common way to charge iPod Shuffle is charging it via computer.

Here is how:

i) On your computer and click on “Start”. Then you click on “Control Panel” and a new window will pop up. Scroll down and find the icon labeled as “Power Options”, click on it and you will see a drop-down menu. Choose “Turn off hard disks” and set it to “Never”. Then look for “System Hibernates” and do the same as before, you set it to “Never”.

ii) Plug the USB cable to the iPod and the computer. Then you wait for a new window that will pop up and will ask what action you want to do.

iii) Click on the “Open Folder to View Files”. A new window will be opened and if you have a song or any data in your iPod before, you will be able to see it here. If the iPod is new, the new window will be like a blank folder.

iv) After you see the windows, close it and your iPod Shuffle will charge automatically.

Other charging methods will require you to spend some money to buy the accessories. You can buy AC adapter that came with your iPod shuffle into the USB power adapter and then connect it to any wall outlet to charge your iPod shuffle.

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