How Long Do You Broil Steak

Broiling steak is an alternate method to cook steak if you do not have access to a grill, or want to cook indoors in the winters. How long you broil steak depends on the thickness of the meat, and whether you want to cook the meat rare, medium rare or well done.

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Choose a good cut of meat to start with. Make sure the meat is completely thawed and at room temperature before you start cooking it. Also pat the meat dry and season well. There are a lot of steak seasonings available in the market. Season the steak well on both sides. Use salt to season the steak just before placing it in the broiler pan. Salt draws out moisture from the meat and should not be added to marinades beforehand.

Preheat the broiler and broiler pan for five to ten minutes on high before adding the meat. It is important to sear the meat first. Add a little butter and olive oil into a skillet and sear the meat on both sides. A one-inch thick steak takes about one to two minutes to sear on each side.

After searing, place the meat in the preheated broiler pan in the centre of the pan. To prepare rare steaks, cook for three to four minutes on each side and for medium rare steaks cook for five to six minutes on each side. Overcooking the meeting might dry out the meat and make it less flavourful. Calculate the time of cooking depending upon the thickness of the steak; you can check the doneness of your steak with a meat thermometer. Experiment with the seasoning to select one that is palatable to your taste.

After cooking the meat let it rest for five minutes or so before cutting into the meat. Cook your steaks so that they have a crispy outside and chewy tender inside. Steaks can also be grilled or pan fried.

A typical meal with steak is served with mashed potatoes and vegetables. Another combination served with steaks called “surf and turf” consists of a shrimp or other sea food dishes like lobster tail. Steaks are also served with sauces made of tomatoes, spices, vinegar, raisins and anchovies (optional). Steak sandwiches are also popular and served with slices of meat topped with cheese, onions, peppers, tomatoes, and sometimes accompanied with cole slaw, eggs and French fries.

Steaks are made from different cuts of meat, and named accordingly. These include, chuck, cube, flank, rib eye, sirloin, strip, T-bone steaks. Other cuts of meat, similar to beef steaks can also be cooked in the same way.

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