How Do You Barbeque Corn

To barbeque corn, start by soaking the corn in the husk for a few hours. Add a little salt to the water before soaking. Choose your corn carefully. The kernels should be plump and juicy without any spots or wilting. The husk outside should be green and fresh. Aged corn is not very flavorful or juicy. Corn can be had with butter or spiced up with spices and lemon.

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Heat your barbeque to medium or high. Close the lid while barbequing corn but also keep a close eye on the corn. Take the corn out of the water and drain well. You can either leave the corn in the husk and soak or remove it to obtain grill marks. Prepare the corn accordingly. If cooking corn with the husk, barbeque for ten to fifteen minutes. This results in sweet corn similar to boiled or steamed corn.

If you want more char marks, cook corn without the husk. This might take longer. Make sure you keep turning the corn at repeated intervals to keep it from burning. The corn tastes nutty and sweet ad best enjoyed with a drizzle of lemon juice and salt. Corn can also be grilled with the silk. This prevents the corn from direct contact with the heat but also has the smoky flavor of the barbecue

Take the corn out when done, and wait for a few minutes. Peel the husk done and spread butter or margarine on it. If you prefer spicy corn, ad a little fresh lemon juice, sprinkle salt and a little chili pepper. Corn can be enjoyed with meat, chicken or fish dishes.

Grilled corn can be removed from the cob and added into several dishes. You can make dished like salad, corn chowders, salads, or served as is with lemon juice. Corn has several health benefits also. It has low-fat complex carbohydrate and high in fiber.

It is a source of vitamins like niacin, folic acid and vitamin C and also small amounts of phosphorous, calcium and thiamine. It maybe helpful for people suffering from heart problems, gout and constipation.

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