How Do Websites Use Cookies

Cookies are the small piece of information that comes in a few bytes of size and more often than not is no longer than 255 characters. It is usually downloaded by the user when they visit a website that offers cookies. It is the data that is exchanged between the browser and the server. You may now be wondering how do websites use cookies. When you visit a website, a cookie will be sent to your browser via the server and this is all automated process. Whenever you visit the website again, your browser will then sends back the cookie to the server allowing the server to maintain data related to you.

The websites would always want to know what are the habits of their user. They would want to know how often a user visit their site, how long they stay and which page they usually view. All this data will allow them optimize their website in order to give the best user experiences to their users. Cookies working mechanism are quite wonderful where it will be send to you by the server of the website to your browser and it will be stored in your hard drive. Most of the cookies will contain the name, value and of course, the expiration dates of the cookie where it will delete itself after it reaches certain time.

Internet advertising use cookies as very widely as the advertisers will be able to obtain the information of the visitors with the help of cookies. The information of the visitor will be anonymous but their surfing habits will be tracked down by cookies and the website will be able to promote specific products to their visitors based on the information the cookies gave them. Cookies also help to the inform the web server of which advertisement you have seen and convey such information to their advertisers.

E-commerce sites such as Amazon implemented the idea of shopping carts by utilizing the concept of cookies and the cookie contains an ID and enables the site to keep track of the things you have browsed and add to your cart. When you add an item to your cart, the information is stored along with your ID in the database of the site. The site knows what is in your cart when you check out.

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