How Do We Hear

Hearing is one of the five important senses that we have in our body. We are able to hear noises from anywhere around us, from any angle as long as there are noise. Unlike the eyes, which only allow us to see up to 270 degrees if we turn our head around, we are able to hear noise even if it is at the back of us. The ear work in a miraculous way allowing us to hear any noise and it allow us to communicate among each other but the question is how do we hear?

The ear consists of organs that detect vibration or sound waves that travels through a medium and the medium varies but most of the time for hearing to happen, the sound waves travel through air. When something creates a noise, vibration is created and that vibrations will be transformed into sound waves and it will travel through mediums.

The human eardrum is actually made of a stretched membrane, which acts like the skin of a drum. When the sound waves that travel hit the ear drum, it will vibrates and this event will turn into an impulse that will be sent to your brain before the brain interprets these vibrations as sound. Although it sounds really simple, it is actually way more complicated than that.

As soon as the vibrations or the sound waves hit the human’s eardrum it is actually setting off a chain reaction. The human eardrum, which is smaller and thinner than the nail on the pinky finger, will send the vibrations that it received to the three smallest bones in the human body the hammer, anvil and the stirrup. The hammer will act like a speaker, it will enhance the vibration so that the anvil will receive a right amount of the vibration, which will be send to stirrup that passes the vibration along a coiled tub in the inner ear called the cochlea.

The cochlea consists of thousand hair-like endings known as cilia. When the cochlea vibrates it will move the cilia and it will send messages to the brain through the auditory nerve and the final work will be in the brain, where all the vibrations are translated into human’s understanding.

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