How Do Solar Panels Work

Solar panels are very useful in various situations and people using these solar panels gain a lot from these. The main reason for the increased use of the solar panels is due to the benefits that can be derived from using them as a source for the energy. Many people who have seen the solar panes working might have actually wondered how do solar panels work. There is a simple mechanism at work in the activity of the solar panel and that is very similar to the working of the various batteries that we use every day.

The solar panels work because they are made of both Silicon as well as boron in their purest form and this causes a bond between these two elements. In spite of this, their bonds are not complete. This causes then to have a charge. Two solar plates are kept against each other at a particular angle and this causes the photon from the sun, which is emitted, to bombard the solar plates. This bombardment of the boron and silicon bond causes one electron to be released from the bond. This electron is the cause of the negative charge and the electricity is formed because of this negatively charges atom.

As the solar panels consists of many such cells, the amount of electricity that is generated is enough to charge some of the various electrically operated devices. If the solar panels are not kept at a particular angle, then the amount of electricity that is produced will be very less. This is the reason for the solar panels not being used widely in spite of the solar energy being freely available.

The advantage of the solar panel is that once the reaction starts, the electrons that have not been converted to electrical energy get back into the silicon and boron bond. This is again hit by a photon that causes the energy to be released that is converted into electrical energy. This is a repetitive process that causes the formation of electricity.

The disadvantage with these solar panels is that once the solar panels are used, the sun’s light that has also got various kinds of other things, like the ultraviolet and the infrared rays, from the electromagnetic spectrum causes the solar panels to be damaged and they have to be made again. This causes a huge loss to the people using the solar panels. This is another of the important reasons for the solar panels not being used widely.

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