How Do Seizures Feel Like

A seizure is defined as an abnormal electrical activity in the brain that typically causes the person to change their behavior and may even cause uncontrollable rhythmic movements. It may also produce mild physical pains and even loss of consciousness. Causes may vary to head injuries to other health disorders. Liver failures, brain tumors, nutritional deficiencies are just among the health disorders that may lead to seizures. The most popular cause could be accidents which led to brain injuries. It doesn’t necessarily mean that if you had an accident, immediately you will experience seizures. And it also doesn’t mean that you will develop epilepsies though is a small possibility. There is a process in the brain that will lead you to seizures and that may take as long as years or so. Still, according to doctors, the exact cause is still unknown to most patients with seizures.

Symptoms vary from person to person and these may come up unexpectedly. Most cases showed that these are the most common symptoms of seizures:

i) Patients may feel that they can no longer control their muscles.
ii) Patients may hallucinate or have blurry vision.
iii) Patients will also feel a strange sensation on the skin that usually spreads over the arm and the leg.
iv) Patients may suddenly change emotions all of the sudden without any reason (e.g. laughing all of the sudden, scared etc.)
v) Patients may just suddenly taste something bitter or metallic in flavor.

These may last for a minute or continue for about 5 minutes. And may differ according to where exactly is the abnormal activity in the brain and you as well considering the general state of the person with seizures. It is important then to call your doctor when symptoms arise. Precautionary measure should also be observed. It is recommended for the patient to lie down on the floor without anything that may harm the patient. Try to loosen his clothes as possible and don’t force him to open the patient’s mouth. All the more if the patient turns bluish in color and has difficulty breathing. If things turn well, it is normal for the patient to have a deep sleep after the seizure. During this period, you shouldn’t force yourself to wake or even feed the patient.

Then again, it is important for the person not to neglect their responsibility to consult or seek medical attention. Having a healthy diet may also help to reduce the risk of having seizures. And most of all don’t use illegal drugs. They also greatly raise the possibility of seizures.

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