How Do People Celebrate Independence Day

United States of America celebrates their independence day on the 4th of July 1776. It is the day when America decided to declare themselves free from Britain. By writing a detailed decree and sending it to the Kings of England, they are now free from the governance of Britain. Therefore, the 4th of July is declared as the Independence Day because this day was the day they declared independence from the Great Britain. You maybe thinking how do people celebrate Independence day?

The Independence Day was celebrated for a number of reasons. It is the day where United States of America was born and how many people have died to make it happen. Also to celebrate the fact that as one nation, people are free to have their own religion and their own faith. It is also to remind us of the courage and bravery that came before us or there will not be a United States of America today.

One of the most important elements of a country the country’s flag, it is the image of the country, the logo of a country. During the Independence Day, people will hang a United States flag wherever they can, on their house roof, on their car, anywhere they are allowed to hang the flag. Some patriotic citizens will draw the flag on their cheek and wear clothes that have the Unites States flag design on them.

You can also show your support by watching a local Independence Day parade in your community or city. Get into the parade spirit by bringing the United States flag and wave back to the participants of the parade and clap while the U.S veterans pass by.

Some people will organize a barbecue and picnic with family and friends. They gather during lunch and spend the whole afternoon together. The 4th of July usually consists food such as hamburgers, hot dogs and watermelon, the typical American food.

There will be fireworks show provided by your city at night during the Independence Day. People will usually attend this show and some states in United States actually allow personal use of the fireworks depending on the type and size of the fireworks.

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