How Do Optical Illusions Work

Optical illusions are actually a true or a not so true picture of something. There are many optical illusions that occur around us not only because they are not true, but our eyes see them that way. The reason for our eyes to play tricks to create illusions may be for many reasons. We might want to see something particular and when our eyes look at something similar to what we want to see; our eyes think that it is what it wanted to see. This is how optical illusions are created, but how do optical illusions work is a bigger question that needs detailed answering.

The main reason due to which optical illusions work is the mistakes made by the brain in identifying the distance, depth, color or the space. These mistakes made by the brain can be in a picture or anything visual. Optic Illusion means a person sees or perceives something that is not present. When a person sees something that is not there, that means there is something that is not normal.

The main reason for the working of optic illusions is the brain. The brain tries to relate everything around it to those that has already been seen or felt. When we see someone similar to a person we know, the brain tries to relate them both and makes us think that both are the same persons. This is a simple example of how the brain creates optical illusions. This is because there is a mistake in viewing the subject or object.

Some researchers say that the eye is the main cause for optical illusions. This may be true in some instances where the individual has eye movements that cause the change in the image that is formed. It can also be due to the retina which causes a picture of something different to be perceived. These are the common causes of optical illusions.

They work also because of the brain, the eye and the thought process combining to think that the object seen is not what it is, but something different. This is also true in a mirage where the eye deceives the mind or the mind and eye combine to deceive the person. Optical illusions are being created by people when they make pictures that play tricks on the mind. This is the method in which the optical illusions work by tricking the mind and the eye into seeing something which is not present actually.

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