How Do Men Show Their Love

Many women ask this question of the century – how do men show their love. Today we will find out just exactly how men show their love.

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Well men do it very well in a few good ways, perhaps not exactly what the women wants but the intent is always good.

i) Men profess. We declare openly, that we love you, we will love you. Straight to the point. There is no beating around the bush.

ii) Men provide. When we love someone, we want to be able to provide for our women and family. Providing a shelter, food and concerns.

iii) Men protect. It is in our DNA that when we love someone, we will do anything to protect them from getting hurt. It is in our blood.

iv) Not always, but we do give gifts to show our love.

v) Public display of affections, by holding hands, kissing and touching of the face, forehead etc.

vi) The most important thing, is we say “I Love You” and mean it.

Passionately saying: I love my wife

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