How Do iPods Work?

A new user to iPods need to know the basics of how do iPods work. Apple has made iPods to be easy for people to use. Though the user manual explains how iPods work, a person considering the purchase of an iPod may want to know what iPods can do and about their ease of use.

The iPod comes with ear buds and a USB cable. The face of most iPod models has a screen and round control button. The iPod Touch has a touch screen instead of the round control. The outer portion of the round control is called the click wheel. The inner round button is the next/fast forward button. Pressing any button will turn on the iPod.

The iPod battery is rechargeable. The user never replaces the battery of an iPod. The battery is recharged by connecting the iPod to the computer. It typically takes about three hours for the battery to be fully charged.

The round controls are used to navigate the menus of the iPod which allows the user to select songs and other functions of an iPod. Some iPods include a built-in video camera, FM radio, and a pedometer to record the user’s workout history.

An iPod stores music, video, audio books, and images with the memory that it has. The memory of an iPod is similar to a flash drive. The amount of memory in an iPod depends on the model of the iPod. The iPod Shuffle with 4gb has the lowest amount of memory of the iPod models. The iPod Classic has the most memory with 160 gb.

The music and video are added to an iPod by connecting the iPod to a computer with the USB cable called a Firewire. Some iPods have docks that can be used to sync the iPod with the computer. Once the iPod is connected to the computer, it will automatically add the music from the computer’s music library. The user also has the option of manually putting music on the iPod.

The free music management program called iTunes can be used to manage the songs and video on the iPod. From iTunes, the user can add and delete content on the iPod. This content can be songs, images, and video stored on the computer or purchased through the iTunes store. The iPod must be disconnected from the computer to play the songs on the iPod.

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