How Do I Uninstall Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger is one of the most prominent instant messaging software created by Microsoft, the organization that brings you the Windows operating system that is widely used in the world. Windows Live Messenger comes pre-installed with the latest version of Windows operating system such as XP, Vista and the latest version Windows 7 making it hard to uninstall. It is rebranded as Windows Live Messenger in 2008 and formerly known as MSN Messenger. However, if you don’t like the features of Windows Live Messenger of simply not using it, you may want to know how do I uninstall Windows Live Messenger.

Since Windows Live Messenger comes pre-installed in your Windows operating system computer or laptop it is quite hard to uninstall. If you want to do it fast without any hassle, you can consider uninstaller software that you can buy from shops or you can download one from the internet and it will work just fine. All you need to do is to install that uninstaller software and then type in the program that you wish to uninstall and follow the instructions given and you would have successfully uninstall Windows Live Messenger. You can use the uninstaller software to uninstall any unnecessary programs from your computer as well.

However if you do not wish to use the uninstall software, you can do it the manual way, you can go to “Start” button, browse “Control Panel” and click it. A window will open and you will see a bunch of items there. Look for “Add/Remove Program” and click it. A new window with a list of all the programs installed into your system will appear and here goes the tricky part. As you scroll down to look for Windows Live Messenger, you will not find it. It is actually named as Windows Live Essentials and it appears to be the main file that contains Windows Live Messenger and other Windows Live products.

Click on Change/Remove button and a new will window will appear asking you whether you want uninstall Windows Live Program. Select Uninstall and follow the instructions given. After everything was done, remember to restart your computer or laptop to ensure that your system has cleaned up the registry files.

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