How Do I Uninstall Dogpile

Dogpile is a meta search engine that fetches result from the popular search engines. Dogpile’s toolbar however is rumored that it contains spyware and it may harm your computer. It is usually automatically installed into your computer to monitor your internet usage. Even if it does not bring any harm, it will still take out your computer’s space. So you got your head thinking, how do I uninstall dogpile?

It does not matter in which internet browser dogpile is installed into. Whether it is Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. If you have other toolbar installed you would want to uninstall the other toolbar as it will affect the speed of your internet browser as well as the speed of your computer. There are two methods that you can use to uninstall dogpile.

Method number one, you uninstall it from the “Add/Remove Programs”.

i) Go to “Start” which is located at the bottom left of your screen. Choose “Control Panel” click it and you will be taken into a folder with a lot of icons. Click on “Add/Remove Programs”.

ii) A list of programs will come out. You will need to find and highlight “Dogpile Toolbar” and then click on the “Remove/Change” and you will be taken into a new window, which will guide you through the whole uninstalling process.

iii) Follow the instruction on the windows and finally you have successfully uninstalled dogpile!

However, you can choose to use method 2. Which is pretty simple,

i) Go to “Start” and choose “All Programs”.

ii) A list of program will come out and you look for “Dogpile”.

iii) Look for the uninstall option and follow the instructions given. You have successfully uninstalled “Dogpile”.

If you are using Firefox, there is a more simple way to uninstall Dogpile. Firstly, you open your Firefox and click on “Tools”. Look for “Add-Ons” and you will find Dogpile. Then you uninstall it.

A quick note over here is that if you want to make sure that Dogpile is completely deleted from your entire system, go to the location where the Dogpile is save and uninstall it from there. You also may need to restart your computer just to make sure it is completely gone from your computer system.

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