How Do I Unfreeze My Ipod

We are now living in the 21st century where we no longer have to carry a heavy cassette or cd player with us if we want to listen to music on the go. We can have as much as 2000 songs with us in the most amazing gadget called the “iPod” a music gadget that is created by Apple Inc. The iPod has revolutionized the way we have our music on the go. We can have a few hundred songs that we carry with us whenever we go but if there is anything wrong with our iPod, we eventually lost all our songs. The most common problem for iPod is that the iPod sometimes got frozen. Now you are thinking, how do I unfreeze my iPod. Just incase if your ipod got frozen.

If your iPod is frozen, the first think you should check is that whether is the “hold” button locked or not because if the “hold” button function is locked, you will not be able to navigate around your iPod. To release the “hold” button, simple shift the “hold” button by sliding it backwards and the locked icon will disappear from the screen. The “hold” button is usually located at the top of the iPod.

If the “hold” button method does not work and your iPod have click wheel, you should try this method. Press and hold the MENU button and the button in the center of the click wheel simultaneously. If you did it right, the Apple start-up logo will appear. What you are doing with this method is that you are doing a soft reset to your iPod. This method will keep your song safe inside the iPod and it should be able to fix your frozen iPod.

However, if the soft reset method does not work, it is time for you do the hard reset and you will need to have a little hardware knowledge or you will spoil your iPod. Look for someone who has expertise in hardware or you can read up by your own from the Internet. The first thing you should do is to remove the iPod from the charger and remove the battery from the iPod (be very careful with this as you may void the warranty of the iPod). Reinstall the battery, connect it to the charger and turn on the iPod. This method should do justice to your frozen iPod.

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