How Do I Reset My Ipod

Every person who owns a new gadget makes some mistakes when they start using the device. At one point of time, the person does not want to keep the device as it is and may want to use the reset options because then they can use it in the right way and only store the information that they want stored. The I pod is one such device as in the initial enthusiasm, people start loading all the songs they have and after a few months realize they need to delete some and edit some. This is the time, they would like to reset the Ipod too. So these people may have questions as to how do I reset my Ipod.

The answer is not so simple because resetting the I pod depends on the model of the I pod. Some models have the similar method of resetting and other models have different methods.

There may be other people too who do not want to edit the information or the songs, but their songs have been automatically edited or their I pod could have just stopped working and they might want to get the I pod to work. The only option some of these people have is to get the I pod to be reset and then they can add any new songs that are necessary.

Whatever the reason for resetting the I pod, the method of doing it is the same. The person who wants too reset the I pod has to move the hold key that locks the I pod to open after locking it. Once this is done, the next step is to hold two keys on the I pod simultaneously. The Play / Pause key and also the Menu keys have to be pressed at the same time. Doing this for about ten seconds will make the Apple Logo appear and this means that the I pod has been reset.

In some of the I pod’s instead of the Play key, the Select key or the key in the center of the I pod has to be pressed along with the Menu key to reset the I pod. This is the simplest method in which the resetting of the I pod can be done.

If by any chance, the I pod is not getting reset even after all this has been done, then the owner of the I pod should know that it is time that they showed it to the company representatives for further action.

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