How Do I Reformat My Computer

Reformatting the computer is done for various reasons. The computer might have slowed down due to a large number of files and folders. The computer may have a lot of viruses in the system leading to corruption of files and slowing down of the system. You might just even think that you have to reformat the computer as a routine maintenance work. Whatever the reason for the reformatting, it is a major work as you have to prevent loss of important files in the system when you are in the process of reformatting. How do I reformat my computer is a common question that is regularly asked by people who are planning to do the reformatting.

When you have decided to reformat your computer, the first step that you have to do is to get the backup of all the important files in your computer. The time when you reformat the computer is the best time to delete all the unwanted files from your systems hard disk. This you can do by just ignoring them and not copying them on to the backup that you are creating. Make sure that you get the backup for important files, folders, applications and installations that you have done and will need.

The files and folders of which you need a backup should be copied to an optical drive or an external hard disk drive. This is one of the safest methods of making the files in your computer to be stored safely while you get the reformatting done. So once your files and folders are safely stored, the next step that you have to do is to reinstall the operating system of your computer by inserting the installation compact disc of your operating system. When you restart the computer, get the computer started from the compact disc and the stored operating system. This will erase the data stored and will help to reformat the computer. In some computers, to restart from the operating system in the CD, you have to enter setup and do the necessary. The best method to do this is by entering the setup using the F7 key when you start the computer.

Once this software is installed in the computer, the next step is to get the files that were in the backup to be stored back into the computer to finish the reformatting. When the files and folders are stored back into their original place, you may have to reinstall some of the applications either from the stored files or from the CD’s or from the internet to complete the reformatting of your computer.

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