How Do I Put Songs On My MP3 Player?

Obviously, a blank MP3 player is no fun. After the user purchases an MP3 player, the person must add songs to the device. Though this may seem beyond the person’s computer skills, adding music to an MP3 player isn’t difficult. Some basic instructions can show how do I put songs on my mp3 player.

Perhaps the easiest MP3 player to use is the iPod. After connecting the iPod to the computer with the provided USB cable, called the Firewire, the iPod will download songs from the person’s computer automatically. Many users do not want to add every single audio file that they have stored on their computers to their iPods. These users have the option of manually adding songs to an iPod instead of doing an automatic sync.

For other MP3 players, the person needs to select the songs that they want to add to the MP3 player. This can be done through the computers start menu and music library or through the program that being used to manage the music on the computer.

To add audio files with the start menu, the person needs to connect the MP3 player to the computer and open the start menu. Clicking on computer should show the device connected to the computer. Then, the person needs to open the Music folder from the start menu and drag and drop the files from the music folder to the icon for the MP3 player. For some computer systems, double clicking on the MP3 player icon will show how much space is left on the MP3 player.

To use a music management software program like Windows Media Player, the person needs to open that program and connect the MP3 player to the computer with the USB cable. Windows Media Player has a Sync button on the menu bar across the top of the screen. When the person clicks Sync, a blank Sync list opens.

The person can browse their music files and drag and drop the songs to add to the MP3 player on the Sync list. The user can change the order of the songs before adding them to the MP3 player. The user can also delete files from the Sync list.

When the person is satisfied with their Sync list, the user only needs to click the Start Sync button at the bottom of the Sync list to add songs to an MP3 player. Though these instructions are for Windows Media Player, different media file programs follow a similar process for adding songs to an MP3 player.

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