How Do I Please A Woman – Non Sexually

Every man would want to get the woman that he love and live together with her until the death do them apart, like the wedding vows. In a relationship, it does not means that it is all about sex. Being in love and in relationship with a person is about making your partner happy, seeing them smile would make your day and she is being gloomy and sad, your day will turn grey as well. If you are getting into a relationship or already in a relationship already and you love her with all your heart and thinking about how do I please a woman – non sexually, continue reading this and the sparks of your relationship will never fade away.

Pleasing a woman in a non sexual way does not means you have to plan a big events all the time, it is the small little things that matters. Like how you tell her that you love her and really mean it, you should do it often so that she will feel significant to you. Hold her hand whenever you go for a walk together. Hold her when she is cold and compliment her smile whenever she smiles or laugh.

Woman love compliments and it is in their gene. It is not something that they can control, it is just the mechanism that is in them. In fact, it is not hard to compliment a woman that you love. Just tell her why you love her, tell her the reason and tell her how beautiful she looks in that dress.

Although you maybe tired after work, you should still come home and shower her with love, give her back massage and sometimes try to make her dinner even cooking is not one of your best quality, she will appreciate it and it will be great if you are cooking with her. Sometimes do the dishes for her, even if you don’t like doing the dishes. Things will get more intimate this way.

Try to find out her favorite flower and buy her flowers for no special reason. Doing things together will create the sense of togetherness and will tighten the bond for you and her. Go to grocery store together, decide on what to cook at home together, go for breakfast together and woman loves to go for brunch. Pick a place that serves great selection for brunch and go to that place together. She will be very happy and pleased with you if you did all the things right.

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