How Do I Make My Laptop Wireless

It is hard to live without internet these days because everybody is connected through internet. Even businesses cannot survive without internet because they will need to send out emails and accept emails. If you are working from home or simply surfing the internet for leisure purposes but does not seems to be able to connect to the internet using your laptop and you are wondering to yourself, how do I make my laptop wireless? Before you ask the question, you will need to make sure that your laptop does not have a wireless function.

If your laptop is new or even at least 3 years old, you can be assured that the laptop has a wireless card already installed. However, just to make sure of things you can go to your local library or any area that provides free wireless internet. Switch on your wifi and if your laptop has a wireless card installed, it will automatically search for an available wireless networks. Choose the free network and your computer will automatically connect to the internet. In order to test the connection, open up your browser and key in a valid website onto the URL bar, if it loads perfectly fine, you are good to go.

However, if you are connected to the wireless network in your house which is belongs to you and do not want anybody else to “leech” from you, you should set up a security password for your wireless connection. To do this, go to settings in the window that shows list of the available wireless networks and go to the one you are currently connected. Go to settings and there should security options, choose either wep or wpa. Wpa will be more secure but some routers only support wep. Change the username and type in your password.

If you are using public wireless networks and do not want any hackers to connect to your laptop through the wireless networks, it is advisable that you enable your firewall.

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