How Do I Make My Hair Emo

Emo hairstyle is the new style of punk hair, they are not really gothic but they tend to portraits they shy type of a rocker. The emo hairstyle finds itself in the middle making it the perfect style for both punk and rock genres. It is normal for people to try out different style as the emo hairstyle tend to portray a mysterious individuals with a mysterious personality and to a certain extend, it looks pretty cool. You may want to try out this style but you yourself is wondering, how do I make my hair emo? The answer is not straight to the point because emo hair varies from one individual to another.

Before you start to try and make your hair emo, firstly you will need to have a straight hair. If your hair is wavy in natural, you can go and straighten it. Most of the emo hair style will need you to have a straight, flat hair. You may also want to mix up your hair color, unless you are born with jet black hair color. The emo hair is suppose to make you look mysterious, therefore black should be the base color of your hair and if you would want some highlights, you can have blonde, red or purple to make it looks different.

Although most emo hair style are short at the back and long straight bangs in front, there are more options that you can do with your hair. You can use gel to spike up you hair and leave your bangs in front to be flat. However, if you don’t feel like spiking your hair up, you can comb your bangs to one side and make sure it is long enough to cover one of your eyes. This way of styling works well both genders.

There is another emo hair that you can with your creativity, the emo-hawk. A version of Mohawk hair but you do not go to the extend of shaving your hair on the side, all you need to is to have your hair to be short on the side and long in the middle. When you gel it, all you need to do is to take your hair in the middle and push to the top and make it like Mohawk, it will be better if you leave your bangs down and comb it to one side.

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