How Do I Know When My Dog Is Ready To Give Birth

The symptoms shown by the female dog when she is ready to give birth is very much similar to human. This is because they are mammal too just like human. When her stomach is getting bigger as day passes by, it is possible to estimate the when is your dog getting ready to give birth to the cute little puppies.

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You also need to be attentive to her eating habits. Usually when a dog is near delivery, she will not have a good appetite, she won’t have an interest in her favorite chow like every other day.

If you see some gooey substance around the place that your dog has sat before, it is a vaginal discharge, which is pretty much a sign of pregnancy. The amount of the gooey stuff will increase as the days of labor are coming by. You need to be very attentive on this.

Do notice if your dog’s teats are getting larger. She will need to nurse the future upcoming puppies therefore her nipple will start to swell.

You will need to check the temperature of your dog and pay a very close attention to it. It is advisable that you check her temperature every day. When your dog is about to give birth, her body temperate will drop a few degrees.

Do pay attention to her stomach, try to feel and massage the stomach gentle a little and you feel the puppies.
Your dog will start looking for quiet and soft place to deliver her puppies. She is always seen out of sight or wandering into places that don’t normally go to. If you find out she is showing such symptoms it is best that you pay a very close intention to her and find a box and put something soft at the bottom of the box.

It is best for you to make sure that the place that she is using to deliver is safe and comfortable. Make sure that there is a good air ventilation in that room. She will not look comfortable at all. She will also appear to be fierce and angry most of the time. When she start panting heavily that is the time she is about to deliver.

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