How Do I Know If I’m Pregnant

Pregnancy is one of the most important issues that can have many social implications. In fact it is one of the events of life that brings great joy to some people and also a great shame to many others. A person who has been planning for their pregnancy will have great joy when they become pregnant. At the same time, a person who has not been planning for a pregnancy will get very depressed when they learn that they are pregnant. So the women many times think as to how do I know if I’m pregnant.

It is very easy to learn if one is pregnant after a few months, but to know if a person is pregnant early in the pregnancy is the important issue here. There are many ways to learn if an individual is pregnant. The first sign that usually helps a woman to know that she may be pregnant is when she misses her menstrual periods. This can start the doubt that the woman is pregnant, but it is not a method of confirming in the early days because the periods can be delayed in some women for up to a week.

The next sign that can make a person wonder if they are pregnant is the nausea and morning sickness that can occur in the person. This is again not a confirmatory sign because nausea and morning sickness is not seen in all women who are pregnant. Another sign that can tell that a woman is pregnant can be the tiredness associated with the pregnancy.

Some women put on some weight when they are pregnant and any sudden increase in the weight of the person can be a sign that the person is pregnant. The aerolas around the nipples become larger in diameter when the woman is pregnant. This is in preparation for the mother to give milk to the baby. This is another sign of pregnancy.

Some women also have mood swings when they are pregnant and this can be an indicator of pregnancy. Women may also have specific food cravings that might seem abnormal. This is another important sign that a woman is pregnant. Food cravings can be varying widely from person to person and cannot be listed. These are some of the most common signs of pregnancy.
In spite of all these signs, the confirmatory test to tell that a person is pregnant is when there is a positive blood test or a urine test in a laboratory. This is the conclusive proof of the pregnancy of the woman.

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