How Do I Join The Illuminati

The Illuminati is a club that consists of special people who are gifted. They are basically a secret cabal with mysterious forces. The illuminati is the most powerful club in the world because it is said the member of the club have a special gifted ability. The members of illuminati are able to make a good conclusions of a situations and find the solutions of the problem based on evidence and reasoning. By joining the Illuminati, you will be known as the special human being with a gifted ability. The Illuminati will be the medium where you will develop your ability to be the best and according to rumors, Einstein is a member of the Illuminati. So now, you must be thinking how do I join the Illuminati?

There is no sure fire way that will get you to be accepted into the Illuminati but there are few things that you can do to increase your chances to get into this exclusive club.

You can start your own form of Illuminati group that take the form of the real Illuminati. The members of your own group should be dedicated and will strive their ways to get more power, money and domination. If your own Illuminati model is famous and well known, you will seems to be influential and the real Illuminati members will consider you worthy enough to join the real Illuminati.

Find your way into the social circles of the elite. You can do this by being the valedictorian in your school, grabbing a scholarship and continue to get a degree from famous universities like Harvard, Brown, or Columbus. When you enter the social circles of the elite and show your intelligence, your chance to enter the Illuminati will be higher as the Illuminati members itself mingles around with the elites. They are planning to control and dominate the world with their influence and wealth.

Don’t be ashamed to share your dreams and goals with others. The Illuminati members must have big goals, big dreams and a big heart to pursue those dreams and goals. When you reveal your goals and dreams, it will attract people who want to learn from you and admire your energy. The Illuminati will believe that you are worthy to join the club.

Lastly, you must be patient. You can only join the Illuminati after years of consistency in your achievement. This process may take decades.

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